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Masks and drugs among €54 million worth of contraband

The illicit goods intercepted vary and change according to times. This year, due to the pandemic one could notice that one of the items mostly seized were face masks. Other goods include electronics, clothing, cigarettes, alcohol as well as illicit drugs.

Nearly €12,000 intercepted and seized at MIA

After checking his already checked-in luggage, a further €2000 were found.

Customs officials seize 217,460 contraband cigarettes; 2 men arrested

Last month 318,940 were elevated during a similar operation in Qormi.

Sophie the dog sniffs out €43,800 in undeclared cash

A positive indication by Sophie from the canine team led Customs to discover €43,800 in undeclared cash at the Seaport.

Sophie sniffs out €11,400 in undeclared cash

The Customs Anti-Money Laundering Team along side with the assistance of the Canine Team intercepted a total amount of €77,750 in undeclared cash in six separate cases during October.

Dog sniffs out over €23,000 in undeclared cash

They were carrying €11,480 and €12,150 respectively.

Up in smoke: Customs seize huge contraband haul of cigarettes in...

Other searches took place in two garages, a bar, and the bar's store which belong to two men connected to the detained man.

Undeclared cash intercepted on passenger travelling to Istanbul

The passenger was travelling to Istanbul.

Over 9kgs of cocaine found in passenger’s luggage at airport

A friend accompanying the passenger was also found with a small amount of cannabis and Ecstacy.

Customs seized over 270,000 fake goods in 8 months

Customs said that a total of 49 containers each forty feet in length were full of counterfeit products. An inventory of 23 containers was made after the officials unloaded the products.