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Customs preparing for duties on UK imports following Brexit

The Customs Department has issued its guidelines in preparation for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, which is set to be concluded at the end of the year and which is increasingly likely to happen without a deal.

Watch: Żekkin the Labrador to help Customs with detection

Żekkin will be paired with a qualified Customs handler, similar to the other canines of the Department.

Customs intercept illegally-imported tortoises

A vehicle was seized by customs after it was found to be involved in the illegal importation of three Hermann’s tortoises (Testudo hermanni).

Woman arrested after importing cannabis for trafficking

The Customs Department had informed the Police's Drug Squad that four glass jars had arrived in Malta containing a substance believed to be cannabis in a parcel addressed to the woman.

Sniffer dog helps intercept €23,000 in undeclared cash at airport

Two men heading to Istanbul were found to carry a little over €23,000 in undeclared cash thanks to the keen nose of sniffer dog Peter.

25 shops caught stocking contraband tobacco and alcohol

Customs inspections over the past 4 weeks have found 25 retail outlets which have been stocking contraband tobacco and alcoholic drinks.

Seized items – primarily alcohol – being sold off by Customs

The Customs Department is yet again selling off items which had been seized, inviting the general public to submit tenders for their purchase and removal next week.

Two months deferral on Excise Duty payments

Economic operators will be allowed to postpone their payments by two whole months from April to June and from May to July 2020.

Customs find over €21,000 in undeclared cash

Customs enforcement officials seized €21,100 in undeclared cash on the last Sunday of 2019.

1.7 tonnes of shisha tobacco seized from barber shop

Customs have seized, in three separate cases, 1.7 tonnes of shisha tobacco, 7,600 contraband cigarettes and a cigarette vending machine.