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Covid infections in triple figures again

After a day’s respite, the numbers for Covid-19 are once more into the three figures: 101 new cases have now brought the total number of those who have been infected by Covid-19 to 11,254.

Three more deaths due to COVID-19

This brings the number of coronavirus victims to 111.

Three-digit cases as two more die of Covid-19

A government statement has advised that two men have lost their battle with Covid-19.

“We cannot afford to get this wrong” – ITU consultants

“A delay of even one week in controlling the spread can have a devastating effect on the health system,

On the right track but not out of the woods –...

One of the most important types of graphs which epidemiologists use to track an epidemic is the so-called epidemic curve, or epicurve, for short.

Former Fiat engineer aims to put the brakes on COVID

At the age of 84, he has devised a gadget about the size of an electric kettle which creates local air currents that aim to stop the circulation of tiny droplets expelled when people speak - potentially hindering the spread of COVID-19 infections.

Newsbook Webinar: Prime Minister lists challenges post-COVID Malta faces

Prime Minister Robert Abela described COVID 19 as a wake-up call which resonated all around the world.