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83% decrease in tourism during October

Statistics for October 2020 published by the National Statistics Office show a decrease of 83.7% or 46.914 tourists when compared to the same month last year.

Good Samaritan Hospital reacts to media reports

In the past weeks several Covid-19 deaths have been reported as residents of the Good Samaritan Hospital.

Listen: “My husband was placed in a cell with infected inmates”

An inmate's wife expressed her sorrow and frustration at the way her husband is being treated at Corradino Correctional Facilities. He was caught stealing to sustain his addiction.

Deaths by Covid-19 rise to 125

Three elderly persons lost their battle to Covid-19, the Ministry of Health announced.

Government debt increased by 16% – NSO

The National Statistics Office study ‘Social and Economic impact of COVID-19: January-June 2020’ investigates the Maltese society and how COVID-19 brought about disruptions in the economy and quality of life.

Pfizer and BioNTech submit Covid-19 vaccine for US approval

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will decide if the vaccine is safe to roll out. It is yet unclear how long the process would take, but the US government is expected to approve the vaccine in the first half of next month.

In Europe, a person dies of Covid-19 every 17 seconds –...

In Europe, a person dies from coronavirus every 17 seconds.

2 more deaths due to Covid-19

Another 2 persons have died after being found positive for Covid-19.

Watch: “It’s important that we don’t take this virus lightly” –...

Felix Busuttil and his husband Daron Galea Busuttil both have Covid-19.

Covid-19: 64-year old man dies; death toll at 98

A 64-year old man died after being found positive for Covid-19.