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Lawyers insist evidence insufficient to indict teens accused of Gaffarena murder

The lawyers of the two teenagers accused of murdering Saviour Gaffarena in an Mqabba shooting last week are arguing that there is not enough evidence to place them under a bill of indictment as the compilation of evidence opened on Thursday.

Betting shop hold up: Thieves plead guilty; cite coronavirus financial hardship

They will be arraigned before Magistrate Doreen Clarke on Saturday morning.

18-year-old sentenced to 2 years in prison over mobile phones theft

The accused and another person had forced open the shop at around 1.20 am. They then proceeded to steal the phones, worth around €8,000.

Woman arrested for robbing houses with twelve-year-old son

She stands accused of using her son to commit thefts from residences of the elderly

Lino Cauchi’s heirs seek compensation over ‘barbaric political murder’

The heirs of accountant Lino Cauchi, victim of an unsolved “barbaric political murder” dating back to 1982, have given the government one week to liquidate damages, threatening legal action if this is not forthcoming.

Yorgen Fenech loses legal challenge over refused presidential pardon

Yorgen Fenech’s legal challenge of the Cabinet’s decision to deny him a presidential pardon has been rejected in Court over a technicality, as proper procedure had not been followed.

Żabbar stabbing: “If I’m still alive by then”; message shows that...

Compilation of evidence against Justin Borg underway

Court upholds Steward Health Care prohibitory injunction against MUMN

This refers to an industrial action ordered by MUMN over the release of Gozitan nurses working in Malta.

Man accused of murdering mother and aunt pleads insanity

A 44-year-old man who stands accused of murdering his mother and his aunt two years ago is claiming is seeking an insanity defence, claiming he was not in his senses when the murders were carried out.

Ex-ministerial driver found guilty for shooting incident

Ex-Policeman and former driver for Minister Manuel Mallia, Paul Sheehan, has been found guilty of shooting at another car in November 2014, an incident which led to Mallia's resignation.