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Youth inmates will not be transferred to Corradino – Minister Camilleri

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri has denied that there are plans to transfer youths who are currently imprisoned at the Centre of Residential Restorative Services at Imtaħleb, to Corradino Correctional Facility in Paola.

Prison director takes ‘privileged inmates’ to the beach

Informed sources speaking to Newsbook.com.mt have accused director of prisons Alex Dalli of playing favourites at the Corradino Correctional Facility, stating that the retired AFM colonel even personally took three ‘privileged’ inmates out for a swim at Rinella.

Minister must resign if prison deaths left unaddressed – PN

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri should resign if he is unable to guarantee the safety of inmates at the Corradino Correctional Facility, the Nationalist Party said in the wake of the latest death which took place within the prison walls.

Man awaiting extradition commits suicide

A Maltese man who was awaiting extradition to the United States, has committed suicide at the Corradino Corrective Facility on Monday.

Inmate found dead in his cell

In a brief statement by the Correctional Services Agency, the authorities said that a 45-year-old Maltese man was found dead at 6.45am.

‘Unfortunate mistake’ saw man denied bail released from prison, inquiry concludes

An “unfortunate mistake” led prison officials to release from custody a man who had been denied bail over a domestic violence charge in July, an inquiry by former Chief Justice Joseph Azzopardi has concluded.

Man escapes custody while being escorted to prison

A 27-year-old man escaped police custody on Wednesday afternoon as he was being escorted from the Law Courts to the Corradino Correctional Facility.

Inquiry launched after man denied bail is released from prison

Shadow justice minister Jason Azzopardi is calling for an urgent inquiry to be held after it was revealed that a man who should have been in protective custody has been allowed out of prison for close to a month.

Short-lived break for freedom for handcuffed prisoner

A 28-year-old man sought to make a run for it as he was being escorted to the Corradino Correctional Facility to start serving a prison sentence on Wednesday afternoon, though his bid for freedom proved to be short-lived.

Deleted child porn on mobile phone lands man in court

Togolese national Ahmed Rabu was denied bail after pleading not guilty to the possession of child pornography.