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‘Budget measures will keep us going’ – Estate Agents say welcoming...

The Estate Agents section within the Malta Developers Association (MDA) has noted the "government’s renewed commitment and tangible measures towards the property and real estate industry" in a statement on Wednesday when it reacted to the government's budget unveiled on Monday.

Budget 2021: Pumping up construction

In his budget speech, Minister Edward Scicluna announced a series of measures which, in their global effect, bolster the construction industry.

Govt failing to implement construction reforms – PN

The two PN MPs said that after the reform implemented by Minister Ian Borg failed the government had the opportunity to implement the necessary reforms to avoid tragedies as we have witnessed in the past months.

Church reiterates call for immediate action over construction site deaths

The Church in Malta lamented that the urgent calls for action in the wake of the death of Miriam Pace in her own home last March had gone unheeded after the latest construction site tragedy: the death of 32-year-old Sarjo Conteh in Cospicua last week.

Developers’ lobby appoints its first training academy director

The Malta Developers Association has appointed Ray Abela as the director and CEO if its learning and training academy.

Developers’ lobby wants construction workers to qualify for state aid

Some 16,000 full-time employees work in the construction industry according the MDA.

Planning Commissioner calls for more drastic measures

In a statement, the Office of the Ombudsman said that in June various recommendations were made however the fatal building collapse that happened a few weeks ago prompted the Commissioner to refresh these recommendations and call for more drastic measures.

Ian Borg defends himself: ‘no one criticised my building reforms’

Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg deflected calls to assume political responsibility over last week’s fatal building collapse this afternoon by highlighting that the opposition had criticised the reforms he had presented.

Building collapse: This happened for someone to line their pockets –...

"Should we replace Malta's natural beauty with blocks of concrete and more money? Is it really worth to get richer at the expense of the younger generations that cannot make ends meet due to the high rents and expensive real estate?" Archbishop Scicluna asked.

‘Quality of our construction standards need to be raised immediately’ –...

The Malta Chamber of Commerce said that it believes that the ethical standards and quality of the construction industry need to be raised immediately...