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Parliament approves constitutional amendment raising retirement age of judiciary

Judges and magistrates may choose to retire at 68 instead of the present mandatory age of 65 on the strength of a new proposed amendment to the Constitution that was unanimously approved in Parliament in its second reading on Monday evening.

Retirement age for judges and magistrates set to rise to 68

A proposed amendment to the Constitution of Malta would allow judges and magistrates to retire at the age of 68 instead of the present mandatory retirement age of 65.

President publishes Constitutional Reform public consultation outcome

President of Malta George Vella said that the committee in charge of the constitutional reform will be able to make significant progress now that the situation in the political field is getting back to normal.

Responsibility for various public appointments shifted from PM to Cabinet

Responsibility for various appointments will shift from the Prime Minister to the Cabinet after the next bill in the series of reforms proposed by the government following the recommendations of the Venice Commission, though the effectiveness of such a reform was questioned by Opposition MPs.

“Constitutional reforms in spite of Government not thanks to it” –...

Repubblika stated that the reforms to Malta's judicial and institutional infrastructure took place in spite of the Government's efforts, and not thanks to them.

Parliament unanimously approves constitutional reforms

Parliament has unanimously approved a series of constitutional reforms on Wednesday evening after a last-minute compromise achieved on Tuesday brought the opposition on board.

Breakthrough reached on proposed constitutional reforms

Last-minute discussions between the government and the opposition on the proposed constitutional reforms appear to have achieved a breakthrough, with the government pledging to renounce a controversial anti-deadlock mechanism that has been at the heart of strong disagreements.

Government wants to steamroll over opposition even when it needs it...

With opposition MPs sticking to their objections to various constitutional reforms proposed by the government – generally over mechanisms they deem problematic – the government has often insisted that they would be held responsible for the fallout.

Constitutional reforms set to fail as MPs fail to reach compromise

Government and opposition MPs have failed to reach agreement on proposed constitutional amendments which are set to be voted upon on Wednesday, suggesting that these reforms – concerning the appointment and potential removal from office of the President and of members of the judiciary – will ultimately fail to pass.

Choice of President and Chief Justice will remain in hands of...

Partit Nazzjonalista reacts to draft Bill proposing amendments to the Constitution