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Watch: Positive that Abela values human life – Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that it’s positive that Malta’s PM Robert Abela regards every life as indispensable.

PM to oppose Muscat if he intends working to introduce abortion

When asked about the reference to Catholic religion in the consitution and whether this should be changed, Abela said there are a number of issues which require attention and changes in the constitution, however religion is not one of those.

Evarist Bartolo defends President Vella

This was stated on yet another Facebook post by Bartolo, forming part of a series of comments he has been passing recently.

Watch: Those who speak of the ‘second republic’ want to leave...

Former European Commissioner and constitutional lawyer Tonio Borg believes some changes to the Constitution are needed but there is no need to...

Watch: 100 ‘leading cases’ in constitutional law turned into a book

A new book, ‘Leading Cases in Maltese Constitutional Law’ containing a hundred judgments was launched on Friday evening.

Government gives thumbs down to Standards Commissioner

Prime Minister Muscat’s Cabinet gave thumbs down to proposals made in July by the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life, Dr. George Hyzler proposing that the practice of employing MPs with the Government is unconstitutional.

AD proposes an electoral system reform as one of its proposals

The electoral system should be reformed, Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party proposed in a document containing 31 proposals.

Watch: What is the Constitution? – An interview with Judge Emeritus...

Newsbook.com.mt interviewed Judge Emeritus Giovanni Bonello regarding Malta’s Constitution.The interview was broadcasted love on 103fm during the programme Newsbook Hour.The Judge Emeritus served as...

Arnold Cassola said that the Government is breaching the Constitution

In an open letter sent to the President of Malta George Vella, Cassola explained that Chapter II Article 9 (1) and (2) of the...

Watch: ‘A judiciary beholden to the government is not independent’

As long as the judiciary is controlled by the government, it would not qualify as “independent and impartial”, former human rights judge Giovanni Bonello...