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First judge postpones retirement under new Constitutional amendment

Judge Tonio Mallia is the first judge to avail himself of a Constitutional amendment allowing members of the judiciary to postpone their retirement by three years, Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis has confirmed.

Third proposed constitutional amendment faces Opposition’s opposition

The third proposed amendment to the Constitution debated in Parliament in as many days – governing the way judges or magistrates may be removed for office – hit a stumbling block as opposition MPs expressed reservations about the way the law was structured.

PN set to vote down judicial appointment reform, but open to...

The same anti-deadlock mechanism at the heart of political disagreement on a proposed reform on the way the President is appointed might also sink a second proposed constitutional amendment: one reforming the appointment of members of the judiciary.

Proposed reform to President appointment method may fail amid objections by...

A constitutional amendment reforming the way the President is chosen may fail to pass after Opposition MPs emphasised their objections to an anti-deadlock mechanism which could potentially allow the government to force through its preferred candidate in the absence of parliamentary consensus.

Cardinal Bertone and Farrugia discuss religion in the Constitution

Former Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and speaker Anglu Farrugia spoke, among other things of the Catholic faith in Malta, with particular reference to the Catholic religion in the Constitution of Malta, and the religious education offered by Church schools