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Johnson wins to “get Brexit done”

Boris Johnson will return to Downing Street with a big majority after the Conservatives swept aside Labour in its traditional heartlands.

Johnson’s ‘final Brexit offer’ set for a thumbs-down from Brussels

Britain's latest British proposal on Brexit, as reported by media, is "fundamentally flawed" and "won't fly", EU diplomats and officials said on...

Amber Rudd resigns from Cabinet post and conservative party

In what The Sunday Times called “a bombshell move”, the Works and Pensions Secretary and Minister for women and Equalities Amber Rudd, resigned from...

‘They are hiding behind a procedure to avoid discussing No-Deal’s impact’

There are less than two months until the UK is set to leave the EU and the UK government has been granted the right to close Parliament for 5 weeks. The move comes at a critical point where the prospect of a No-Deal Brexit becomes more likely. For Simon Thomson, Head of Regional and International Media for the People’s Vote, that’s a sign of the government using Parliamentary procedure to avoid discussing how No-Deal will impact communities up and down the United Kingdom.

Updated: British public to get Final Say on the Brexit deal?

2nd Brexit Referendum unfair; she didn’t listen to me - TrumpThe US President Donald Trump, has called a possible second Brexit referendum, ‘unfair’.His response...