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EU Bishops call on governments to act in solidarity & unity

The Bishops stated that through this message, the Catholic Church in the European Union restates its full commitment to the construction of Europe

A united Libya could be one of the wealthiest and prosperous...

A conference in Libya has brought together the highest authorities of the country, heads of institutions, members of parliament, academics, professionals, journalists, human rights organisations and the vast majority of the elders of tribes from all around Libya.

The importance of water in the agricultural sector

A number of foreign and local experts, and local farmers have come together to discuss the importance of water efficient irrigation in Maltese farming during a conference.

“Church has to guide communities accept migrants” – Archbishop Scicluna

Archbishop Charles Scicluna and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi are attending a conference in Bari, Italy, focusing on immigration and peace in the Mediterranean. The conference title is “The Mediterranean border to peace”.

Banking sector organising an anti-money-laundering conference

Two major banking organisations, the Malta Bankers Association and the ARQ group will be organising a conference on money laundering

Robert Abela will not remove citizenship programme

Robert Abela will preserve the citizenship programme. He also launched a number of interesting proposals

Johnson’s ‘final Brexit offer’ set for a thumbs-down from Brussels

Britain's latest British proposal on Brexit, as reported by media, is "fundamentally flawed" and "won't fly", EU diplomats and officials said on...

Watch: Update(3) Mentality needs to change on gender inequality – Muscat

https://www.facebook.com/josephmuscatdotcom/videos/2234486723531734/  The Prime Minister and Partit Laburista (PL) leader Joseph Muscat said that women require further assistance to continue to progress in their careers and...

Watch: ‘We used to have wasteful government and wise families’ –...

https://www.facebook.com/partitlaburista/videos/276416813302208/7.50PM: Muscat thanked all of the local council elections a total of 399 candidates, 24% of which are women. He claimed that he is...

Watch: Australian Senator pelted with egg during conference

(Video contains some strong language)The Australian Senator Fraser Anning has been pelted with a raw egg during a news conference in Melbourne.Video footage shows...