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“Potential breach of ethics by Chris Cardona” – Hyzler

Hyzler concluded that the allegations of Chetcuti and Cardona are not convincing

Comino ferries: Talks fail; Court to decide

An out of court settlement was sought

Court provisionally upholds warrant of prohibitory injunction over Comino ferry

A number of boat operators who operate non-scheduled charters and pre-booked trips around Malta and Comino had filed a request for the issuing of a warrant of prohibitory injunction over the Comino ferry service. The warrant has been issued pending the first hearing of the case.

French PM offers concession to unions over pension reform

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Saturday offered a major concession to unions contesting his government's overhaul of the pension system

Corinthia talks must be ‘fair’, ‘reasonable’ and ‘transparent’ – Malta Chamber

Malta’s Chamber of Commerce has outlined that it believes the value and payment of transferring public land to the Corinthia Group must be ‘fair’,...