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Students with disability should not suffer because of pandemic – MAPSSS

The Maltese Association for Parents of State School Students insisted that the Education Ministry should not create a situation that put vulnerable children in a disadvantageous position as it condemned the stopping of support services to students with a disability due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Support for students with disability cut off due to Covid-19 –...

Commissioner Scicluna said that Covid-19 school measures cannot be provided at the expense of students with a disability or those requiring specific support.

Hours to renew a passport: woman’s ordeal highlights accessibility concerns

Identity Malta has issued an apology after a woman with disability seeking to renew her passport found the Passport Office woefully unprepared, forcing her to wait at length just to have a photograph taken.

UĦM directives impacting children negatively – CRPD

The commission called on the government to find an equitable solution for its employees. It also appealed to the common humanity of those involved and thanked those therapists who have been providing emergency services.

Majority of complaints received by disability commission relate to accessibility

The report provides an overview of all the complaints received by the Commission for the Rights of Persons with a Disability between October 2017 and October 2018.

Only 12.5% of commercial outlets on Sliema and Gżira front physically...

Only 12.5% or 42 out of a total of 334 commercial outlets on the Gżira/Sliema seafront are physically accessible.