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Man dies after facing difficulties while swimming in Comino

A man has died after finding himself in difficulty in the seas around Comino on Sunday afternoon, the police confirmed to Newsbook.com.mt

Watch: No more touristic boats in Gozo

All those travelling to Gozo will be screened before boarding the Gozo Ferry. Only screened passengers will be allowed to enter Gozo. The new measure was announced on Friday night by the Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri.

Public Contracts Review board dismisses Comino ferry appeal

The operators had requested the board to review the contract and called for it to be annulled. Last month, a court had turned down a request to suspend the granting of the contract, which gives the operator exclusive rights to provide a scheduled ferry service from Malta and Gozo to Comino.

Comino operators seek refuge at Malta Chamber for SMEs

Licensed boat operators whose livelihood seems threatened by a recent move to privatise the Malta-Comino ferry system have sought refuge in a representative organisation.

Comino ferries: Talks fail; Court to decide

An out of court settlement was sought

Photos: PM arrives in Gozo

Prime Minister Robert Abela is to meet Gozitans later today, after having already sailed to Comino. He sailed to Comino to meet the family that resides there.

Comino boat operators want contract annulled

Lawyers appearing for the boat operators argued that the concession was in breach of Maltese and European laws.

Court provisionally upholds warrant of prohibitory injunction over Comino ferry

A number of boat operators who operate non-scheduled charters and pre-booked trips around Malta and Comino had filed a request for the issuing of a warrant of prohibitory injunction over the Comino ferry service. The warrant has been issued pending the first hearing of the case.

Fury as Comino ferries’ operators cut out by government concession

Small ferry operators provide a commute to Comino are up in arms. Government has given this concession to one company for a period of 15 years.

Tourists spending fewer nights in Malta – NSO

Tourists are spending fewer nights in Malta, according to newly released statistics by the National Statistics Office on Monday.During the second quarter the total...