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Colombia to hold 19-day quarantine to fight coronavirus

Colombia will enter a nationwide quarantine from Tuesday night, President Ivan Duque said late on Friday, the most drastic measure implemented so far by the South American country as it seeks to prevent the spread of the fast-moving coronavirus.

Christians around the world mark Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, with many Christians around the world will observe the day that Jesus was crucified on the cross. Holy Week, or...

Latin-American nationals lodge record numbers of asylum appliations in February 2019

Venezuelans were the second most comon applicants in the EU+

An end to cosmetics testing on animals in Colombia?

There have been several news stories concerning cruelty to animals in Malta and around the world recently. So, it is refreshing to hear of...

Colombian anti-corruption referendum fails to meet quorum

A referendum vote on seven anti-corruption measures failed to meet quorum in Colombia on Sunday, nullifying the results even though each of the measures,...