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Trade & education collaboration discussed between Malta and Rwanda Foreign Ministers

In January 2020, Malta was one of the EU member states to launch a comprehensive ‘Strategy for Africa’.

Zambian President says Catholic Church is a dependable partner

Zambia’s President, Edgar Lungu, has addressed Bishops of Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe who are meeting in Lusaka for their first-ever ‘Sub-Regional Consultative Meeting of...

Giving back the gift of sight in Ethiopia

In addition to giving back sight to the blind, the Daughters of Charity

AD and PD explore possible cooperation

The Alternattiva Demokratiku and the Partit Demokratiku have held discussions to explore possible cooperation between the two. This is not, however, a formal relationship...

Parish priests discuss how to increase churchgoer rates

One of the preoccupations of the Church is the ever-reducing number of people who attend Mass, especially on Sundays. This is why the Maltese...