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Pope appeals for dialogue and respect for international law in Iran-US...

In his annual address to members of the diplomatic corps at the beginning of the new year, Pope Francis says the heightening of tensions...

Climate strike but no cake for Greta Thunberg as she turns...

"I'm not the kind of person who celebrates birthdays," Greta Thunberg said as she turned 17 on Friday.

I’m using all my strength to fight climate change, says Merkel

Merkel called on Germans to think out of the box to cope with the challenges arising from global warming.

Frustrated with climate talks, activists dump manure outside Madrid summit

Twelve members of the group stood on melting blocks of ice, nooses drawn tight around their necks to symbolise the 12 months remaining until the next summit, when the Paris deal enters a make-or-break implementation phase.

EU leads call for stronger climate ambition as U.N. summit wavers

The two-week round of annual climate negotiations had been due to conclude on Friday, but dragged on into the weekend as delegates failed to resolve multiple disputes over implementing a climate accord forged in Paris four years ago.

In New York lab, centuries-old corals hold clues to climate shifts

Cores are the hard, stony part of a coral underneath the top of the colony - its skeleton. Much like trees, corals produce growth rings that record climatic conditions like seawater temperatures and rainfall as they grow.

Dalli will coordinate S&D policy on EU’s Green New Deal

Partit Laburista head of delegation and MEP Miriam Dalli has been appointed as coordinator of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the...

Trump administration begins Paris climate pact exit

The Trump administration said on Monday it filed paperwork to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, the first formal step...

Spain likely to host COP25 climate change summit after Chile’s withdrawal

Spain will likely host the United Nations' COP25 climate change summit in Madrid, following Chile's withdrawal as host amid raging street protests in the...

Climate Change leading to human migration – IPCC

Climate Change is one of the most significant factors leading to human migration. International reports show that with increase in temperatures and spreading desertification, as well as rising water levels, human displacement is taking on an unprecedented spurt.