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Malta to make ‘substantial’ state aid request for Air Malta

Malta will be seeking the European Commission’s approval to provide “substantial” amount of state aid to Air Malta in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Economy Minister Silvio Schembri confirmed on Monday.

Minister’s refusal to provide job loss figures frustrates PN MPs

Employment Minister Owen Bonnici refused to be drawn into stating how many jobs were lost as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, insisting instead on favourably comparing Malta to the rest of Europe.

Panama Papers, Swiss Leaks help authorities recover over €27m in unpaid...

The government has recovered more than €27.6 million in unpaid taxes to date as a result of the Swiss Leaks and Panama Papers journalistic investigations lifting the lid on secretive offshore structures used for tax evasion purposes.

Watch: Delia loses the 2nd vote of confidence

The PN Executive Committee is set to meet today in an atmosphere which has been described by party insiders as 'eyeball to eyeball'.

Watch: PN proposes further COVID-19 measures

The Nationalist Party addresses a press conference on the developments on COVID-19

Bernard Grech and Roberta Metsola ahead of Delia in trust rating...

The findings show that a Grech-Metsola tandem had the widest appeal across the country. However none of the five names put forward managed to secure a high trust rating, the newspaper noted.

“My team mates are not going to play another football game...

A member of the Santa Venera Lightings FC has stated on Facebook that unless there is an ambulance close by, he and other team...

PN MP asks for more protection of the unborn

Nationalist Party MP Claudio Grech proposed that the ‘foetus’ (or (tarbija fil-ġuf as he said in Maltese) should be included in the legal definition...