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CSN calls for investigation into use of public funds for partisan...

CSN said in a statement issued on Thursday that since the entire Cabinet is under criminal investigation for the misuse of public resources for their personal use, the NGO raised the issue on consultancies and roles within the government.

CSN proposes 50% cut in all utility bills

The NGO proposed that in light of the collapse in the price of oil there should be a 50% discount in all utility bills across the board, as well as a moratorium to pay those bills for six months.

Civil Society Network calls for public inquiry into police corruption

The Civil Society Network is calling for a public inquiry into the alleged racket run by police officers within the Traffic Section – as well as any possible systematic corruption and abuse of power which may have taken place in the last 20 years.

PN discusses constitutional reform with civil society

Representatives of the Nationalist Party held online meetings with NGO Repubblika and the Civil Society Network to discuss constitutional reforms today, with all sides involved having expressed concerns about the government’s own proposals.

Report to Venice Commission is first step towards constitutional reform –...

The new reforms announced by the Government finally seem to be a step in the right direction towards European standards for our democracy, said the Civil Society Networ, CSN, in a statement issued on Thursday.

CSN appeals to the public to wear masks at all times

The Civil Society Network is appealing for the dissemination of masks to the general public free of charge and at the same time for the introduction of the obligation to wear masks when in public places, or at least in urban areas.

Judicial protest filed against C-Planet IT

Civil Society group Repubblika and the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation filed a judicial protest against C-Planet IT Solutions Limited for alleged breach of data protection laws. The Labour Party was notified of the judicial protest filed.

CSN proposes price regulation system for essential products and services

Civil Society Network (CSN) is proposing a system of price regulation on prices for essential products and services during the corona crisis that has gripped the world, both in the private as well in the public sectors.

“Over-60s helplines should be free” – Civil Society Network

The Civil Society Network (CSN) has issued a statement saying that vital services such as helplines for over-60s, should be offered by freephone, not against payment

CSN calling for a temporary nationalisation of private hospitals

The Civil Society Network (CSN) is calling for private hospitals to be temporarily nationalised under public control so that the numbers of beds can be increased in preparation for the increase of coronavirus cases.