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Health organisations appeal for restaurant smoking ban to be reintroduced

The Malta Health Network is urging health authorities to reverse their decision to end a smoking ban in the outdoor areas of restaurants, expressing concern that the authorities appeared to be putting economical and financial considerations before health and wellbeing.

1.7 tonnes of shisha tobacco seized from barber shop

Customs have seized, in three separate cases, 1.7 tonnes of shisha tobacco, 7,600 contraband cigarettes and a cigarette vending machine.

One of a kind seizure – Customs

Officials from the Malta Customs Scanning Unit  reported "a remarkable, one of a kind, cigarettes’ haul at the Freeport".

Over 265 million objects seized by Customs in 6 years

Over the past six and a half years, Customs stopped over 265 million illegal items of contraband.

Customs Department seizes record number of counterfeit items

In the past year, the Customs Department seized 91,740 mobile phone accessories; 277,640 hair and beauty related products; 47.7 million cigarettes; 30,492...

2900 contraband cigarettes seized from bar in Paola

Yesterday morning, Customs Officials seized 2,900 contraband cigarettes from an establishment in Paola.In a statement, Customs explained that the confiscation was a result of...

1,700 contraband cigarettes seized “after months of surveillance”

After months of surveillance, Customs Enforcement Officials stated that they have seized 1,700 contraband cigarettes from the storage of an outlet in Cospicua late...

“Spent five of six years in Malta under arrest” – Prosecution

A man residing at the Ħal Safi Detention Centre has been kept under arrest after he has been accused of being involved in an...

Boat with 870,000 contraband cigarettes intercepted

870,000 contraband cigarettes were found on a boat after a joint effort between the Drug Squad and Special Operations Unit of the Armed Forces...