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Stewards leaving Gozo by end of the month – Chris Said

Till the end of this month Steward will be leaving Gozo and the Gozo General Hospital will be returned to the government said Dr Chris Said PN MP.

Consumer authority receives 105 complaints on holiday refunds

The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority has received 105 complaints concerning refunds and other payments over the cancellation of holidays or travel this year, Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia-Portelli has confirmed.

547 billboard permits issued to date

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the largest number of billboard permits were issued in localities which host important road junctions.

Delia ‘should not ignore message’ – Said

Nationalist Party MP Chris Said – who had proposed the confidence vote Adrian Delia lost among his parliamentary group – said that the party was left “stronger than before” after its general council opted to call for a new leadership election.

Breakthrough reached on proposed constitutional reforms

Last-minute discussions between the government and the opposition on the proposed constitutional reforms appear to have achieved a breakthrough, with the government pledging to renounce a controversial anti-deadlock mechanism that has been at the heart of strong disagreements.

Constitutional reforms set to fail as MPs fail to reach compromise

Government and opposition MPs have failed to reach agreement on proposed constitutional amendments which are set to be voted upon on Wednesday, suggesting that these reforms – concerning the appointment and potential removal from office of the President and of members of the judiciary – will ultimately fail to pass.

Third proposed constitutional amendment faces Opposition’s opposition

The third proposed amendment to the Constitution debated in Parliament in as many days – governing the way judges or magistrates may be removed for office – hit a stumbling block as opposition MPs expressed reservations about the way the law was structured.

PN set to vote down judicial appointment reform, but open to...

The same anti-deadlock mechanism at the heart of political disagreement on a proposed reform on the way the President is appointed might also sink a second proposed constitutional amendment: one reforming the appointment of members of the judiciary.

Proposed reform to President appointment method may fail amid objections by...

A constitutional amendment reforming the way the President is chosen may fail to pass after Opposition MPs emphasised their objections to an anti-deadlock mechanism which could potentially allow the government to force through its preferred candidate in the absence of parliamentary consensus.

Watch: MP Comodini Cachia meets President Vella

Opposition Leader nominee, MP Dr Therese Comodini Cachia is expected to arrive at the President's palace in Attard on Friday afternoon.