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Over 14,000 tested for Covid-19 more than once

Over 14,000 people needed to be tested for Covid-19 on more than one occasion, figures revealed in Parliament show.

Flu vaccine crucial in times of Covid-19 – Fearne

People should make sure to take the flu vaccine later this year in a bid to minimise the risk of the next influenza season being aggravated by the possible presence of Covid-19, Health Minister Chris Fearne said.

Fewer elderly deaths recorded during pandemic

Fewer deaths have been recorded among the elderly in hospitals and residential facilities during the Covid-19 pandemic than in the corresponding period of 2019, information tabled in Parliament shows.

Government offering mafia protection to Cardona, Repubblika says

Repubblika warned that they would take to the streets and squares to remind everyone that they will not tolerate impunity.

Police on patrol bring smiles to those stuck inside

A photo shared by the Police on their official Facebook page shed light onto the softer side of the officers as they reminded everyone that it is a collective effort to flatten the curve and ensure that our public health system is not overwhelmed.

COVID-19 testing to increase for healthcare workers

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne has posted on his social media accounts that health authorities have increased testing against coronavirus for healthcare staff.

Ħal Far open centre residents quarantined

8 coronavirus cases within the centre

University premises vacated for use by MDH

Gateway Building at the University of Malta is being converted to house certain Mater Dei Departments so that there will be more space at Mater Dei Hospital (MDH) for patients suffering from coronavirus.

Listen: COVID-19 cases trend expected to increase – Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne said that authorities envisage the the coronavirus cases trend in Malta and Gozo, to increase in the coming days as this is what happens in a pandemic.

Watch: ‘Stay home, avoid putting others at risk’ Delia says

'We need to take timely and strong decision. We cannot risk it. It's better to stay at home and not lose loved ones in the process,' Delia said.