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High Covid-19 testing rates translate to low positivity rates in Malta

As a proportion of the population, Malta is one of the top testers for Covid-19 in the EU, and this helps ensure that the positivity rate – the proportion of tested individuals who test positive for Covid-19 – is one of the lowest.

Minister Fearne chosen to form part of experts’ group

Minister Fearne is one of 26 individuals who have been appointed.

Judicial protest filed against Gauci, Fearne for “instilling national panic”

The group of people want to revoke decisions such as wearing masks in public and social distancing

Fearne cites stable numbers to insist pandemic under control

Health Minister Chris Fearne cited apparently stable numbers of new Covid-19 cases as evidence that the situation in Malta was under control.

Watch: Winter likely to make pandemic worse, Fearne warns

The pandemic’s effect is likely to get worse as the weather turns cold in Europe and in Malta, Health Minister Chris Fearne warned, though he nevertheless insisted that the situation was still under control.

Covid-19 ‘underlying cause of deaths’ for vast majority of pandemic’s victims

The health authorities may regularly bring up underlying conditions when the death of a Covid-19 patient is reported, but the coronavirus is considered to be the underlying cause of death for the vast majority of the 64 victims of the pandemic in Malta.

Rapid testing to lead to a fivefold increase in airport screening

The introduction of rapid testing for Covid-19 will lead to a fivefold increase in the number of tests carried out on arrivals at the airport as from next week, Health Minister Chris Fearne maintained.

Grech insists PM interference on Covid-19 must stop

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech condemned what he described as interference by Prime Minister Robert Abela on the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, arguing that his approach was detrimental to the country’s handling of the crisis.

New mental health clinic in Qormi health centre

In time for World Mental Health Day, a mental health clinic has been inaugurated at the Qormi Health Centre.

125 new nurses recruited this year

A total of 125 new nurses have joined the public health system this year after successfully completing their studies in Malta.