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Watch: Encashing of ‘payee only’ cheques due to COVID-19

Following the advice of national health authorities for persons to remain indoors as much as possible, the Central Bank of Malta has today issued a directive on important measures concerning cheques which will primarily enable persons to avoid visiting bank branches and other financial service providers, by depositing them through trusted third parties.

BOV with new measures: changes to deposits

BOV has announced a number of measures due to the coronavirus pandemic. Such measures include the ways in which to deposit someone else's cheques and depositing money.

One-time bonus to compensate increasing pricing on products

Government has announced that as from tomorrow households will receive a one time additional bonus. A cheque of €35 will be sent to all the families and a €15 cheque will be received by those living alone. Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has announced the details in a press conference during which he explained that this measure was promised during the budget speech of last year.