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PM’s press conference was an attack on democracy – Repubblika

Repubblika accused Prime Minister Robert Abela of twisting facts in a malicious manner as it highlighted that the government's press conference did not allow media to question the government on the matter.

Coronavirus outbreak doesn’t justify violating human rights, medics tell PM

"We ask the prime minister to reconsider his stance and to come to the aid of those whose lives are at risk at sea. If we allow the government to pay for public health with people’s lives, we will have failed in our obligations as citizens, healthcare workers, and as a nation."

Over 3,500 sign petition; People take campaign online demanding rescue

Started by aditus Foundation, many have taken to post selfies holding a placard with #DontLetThemDrown and #AllLivesMatter.

EU agrees new Libya sea patrols after Austria lifts veto

EU ships will hail and inspect suspicious vessels in the eastern Mediterranean, where most arms smuggling takes place, away from migrant routes.

Boat carrying 40 people in Maltese SAR in distress

A boat carrying people fleeing the war from Libya in Malta’s SAR zone is in distress, according to the migrant hotline Alarm Phone.

“Malta is a very bad place,” – Asylum seeker

Asylum seekers residing in Malta open up to the Irish Times about the conditions at the reception centres.

Rescued asylum seekers brought to Malta

A total of two groups of asylum seekers will be brought to Malta on Saturday. A spokesperson for the Armed Forces of Malta told Newsbook.com.mt that the first group of asylum seekers was brought earlier on at around 12.45pm.

Sea Eye rescues 90 despite militia warning shots

Humanitarian vessel Alan Kurdi managed to rescue 90 people despite Libyan militias provoked a dangerous incidents in international waters. The dramatic rescue...

Open Arms rescues 45 in Maltese search and rescue region

45 individuals were rescued by the humanitarian vessel operated by the Spanish NGO Open Arms.Migrant hotline Alarm...

Italy retrieves seven bodies from Oct. 7 migrant shipwreck

Italy has recovered the bodies of a child and six other people from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, more than a...