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Photo of the week: Feline fine

Stretched out and somnolent, a street cat is preparing for a siesta on the bench of a closed shop at Valletta in a hot summer afternoon. Who knows, did he just feast on the remnants of some Maltese snack?

Cat with paws cut off in critical condition; Govt asks Police...

Minister Anton Refalo asked Police to start investigation

Watch: Weatherman’s cat joins broadcast and becomes a star

Just like many of us, Chief Meteorologist at WFIE-TV in the US Jeff Lyons is currently working from home; from a green screen in his dining room, to be exact.

Watch: Cat sneaks into zoo; becomes best friends with lynx

A stray cat recently snuck into into the St Petersburg’s Zoo in Russia and became besties with a lynx.

Watch: Cat steals the show during live orchestral concert

A stray cat wandered onto the stage of a live orchestral concert in Istanbul, Turkey - and ended up stealing the show.

Traumatised cat gets new lease of life at local cat sanctuary

The Animal Guardians Facebook page has posted two photos of the same cat - one from June 2019, when the cat was brought in, traumatised after she had just seen her cat friend run over by a car, and another taken seven months later in January 2020.

Watch: Woman dangles 7-year-old grandson from balcony to rescue cat

A woman in the Sichuan city of Nanchong in China tied a rope to her seven-year-old grandson before lowering him down from her fifth-floor balcony to a window ledge below where her cat was stuck.

From stray cat to lawyer!

A stray cat in Brazil has been 'hired' as a lawyer after it wandered in from the cold.

Macabre discovery in Fgura

This morning, a cat was found with what appears to be a slit throat in Fgura.

Watch: Cat on the Catwalk

A stray cat stole the show during a recent fashion event in Istanbul, Turkey after it decided to crash the runway.At various points, the...