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Watch: 122 new coronavirus cases

Prof. Charmaine Gauci addressing the media on the latest COVID-19 updates.

111 new coronavirus cases, active cases 940

Daily COVID-19 cases update

COVID-19: 66 new cases

Coronavirus cases announced on Sunday.

COVID-19; 21 new cases and 87 recover

The number of active cases is 471

46 new cases detected in the last 24 hrs; 48 more...

Coronavirus daily bulettin update

Coronavirus: 20 new cases and 2 recoveries

Yesterday, 16 out of the 78 asylum seekers who were rescued and admitted to Malta yesterday tested positive for COVID-19. This was also confirmed by the Ministry for Health.

16 new coronavirus cases detected in the past 24 hrs

The total number of active cases has now gone up to 213.

21 new COVID-19 cases confirmed

The Ministry for Health announced that the majority of the cases were contacts of previous reported cases while two were imported.

Coronavirus: 10 new cases

The information was published by the Ministry for Health