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Industrial Tribunal’s jurisdiction on fixed-term work contracts being restored

A bill that is being backed unanimously in Parliament would enable workers on a definite contract to seek redress at the Industrial Tribunal, restoring a right they had lost through a Court judgment.

‘Taxpayers shouldn’t be charged for advertising campaigns’ – Repubblika

In its letter to the Commissioner for Standards, Repubblika said it believes that Minister Carmelo Abela should be found in breach of the Code of Ethics

PBS gets increased government funding

The government has pledged to allocate €30 million in public funds to the Public Broadcasting Services over the next five years, with Minister Carmelo Abela pledging that this would improve the content proposed on the public broadcaster and reach a wider audience.

Study to look into universal basic income

The government has commissioned a study looking into the possibility of introducing a universal basic income, through which citizens would each receive a guaranteed income irrespective of their situation.

“The EU should be more for and close the people” –...

The EU should be more of the people, close to the people, for the people, meaning that leaders of countries that form part of the Union don’t necessarily take decisions that the people want just to be popular, said Minister Carmelo Abela.

Vanessa Frazier becomes first woman Permanent Representative to UN

Frazier will lead Malta's bid for election in the UN Security Council

New EU Presidency proposing measures to analyse rule of law in...

The Finnish Presidency of the European Council has said it will be proposing new measures to analyse and report on rule of law with...

Foreign Minister speaks at forum empowering Mediterranean youth

Malta’s Foreign Minister Carmelo Abela has spoken as part of a ten-day Middle East and Mediterranean (MEM) Summit held in Switzerland.Minister Abela explained that...

Minister Abela meets former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev

Minister Abela met Mikhail Gorbachev 30 years after the Malta Summit which some say concluded Cold War tensions between the US and the former Soviet Union

Where did Carmelo Abela visit in 2018?

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Carmelo Abela made around 67 international visits during the 2018.This information was obtained in a response to Parliamentary Question...