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Watch: Lets tone down our ego -Chetcuti

“The developer is a victim”

Newsbook.com.mt Business Breakfast raises interesting questions

Newsbook.com.mt's first Business Breakfast discussing the greening of the economy for a better quality of life was recently held at AX The Palace in Sliema.

Watch: ERA is working to increase wellbeing – Claire...

During Newsbook.com.mt's first Business Breakfast, Manager of National Affairs at the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) Claire Cordina Borg stated that ERA's...

‘Are we ready to consider a ban on new restaurants?’ –...

Din l-Art Ħelwa President and Architect Professor Alex Torpiano asked whether Malta is ready to take drastic measures in order to safeguard...

Watch: ‘If we don’t safeguard the environment, inequalities would rise’

The Administrative Secretary of the Archdiocese of Malta, Michael Pace Ross, underlined that the Church both universally and in Malta is highlighting...

A time for draconian measures in the environment – Minister Herrera

Minister for the Environment Jose Herrera said that the current environmental situation in Malta requires draconian measures particularly in the ODZ. He said that the balance between the environment and the economy should balance in favour of the environment since otherwise, the country’s biodiversity would disappear and Malta would become another city.

Watch: Sobriety is the name of the game

Newsbook.com.mt’s first business breakfast got underway with a message by Archbishop Charles Scicluna. In a video message,

Top panel for Newsbook’s first business breakfast

Minister for the Environment José Herrera, Opposition Spokesperson for the Environment Jason Azzopardi, Economist Gordon Cordina, and CEO of the Energy and Water Agency Manuel Sapiano will form the main panel for Newsbook.com.mt first business breakfast discussing the greening of the economy for a better quality of life.