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‘Victim was so anxious that she made psychologist appointment’

The compilation of evidence against four individuals who have been accused of Pace’s death through negligence and involuntarily damaging third-party property continues on Thursday morning.

Opposition files motion for a public inquiry into death of Ħamrun...

In a statement the Nationalist Party explained that it has called on Prime Minister Robert Abela to set up a public inquiry that would establish what led to Miriam Pace's death. The public inquiry would establish whether the functioning of the institutions and whether the necessary measures were taken to ensure the interest of third parties before and during the excavation works. It would also be established whether the death could have been avoided.

‘It was a minor incident’ – Fortina Investments

In a statement, Fortina Investment explained that the "incident was restricted to the bursting of an ‘elbow’ connected to the cement crane distributor, which emitted a loud noise".

“Authorities and developers have become interchangeable spokespersons” – KA

The KA published an opinion paper on Saturday in which the commission put forward a number of proposals on what should be done so that the death of Miriam Pace would not be in vain.

Planning Commissioner calls for more drastic measures

In a statement, the Office of the Ombudsman said that in June various recommendations were made however the fatal building collapse that happened a few weeks ago prompted the Commissioner to refresh these recommendations and call for more drastic measures.

Building regulator asks police to initiate criminal action after St Julian’s...

The agency said that the developer and architect were in breach of a legal notice regulating the avoidance of damage to third party property after they initiated works prior to submitting the required documents.

Watch: ‘I think one day Malta will sink’

"We had to seek self-redress"

“Coronavirus is not the plague” – Abela says as he urges...

Prime Minister Abela urged for the public to remain calm and think rationally. He maintained that while he understood that people might be scared, one needs to refer to facts. "This is not a situation for social media," Abela said.

Building collapse: This happened for someone to line their pockets –...

"Should we replace Malta's natural beauty with blocks of concrete and more money? Is it really worth to get richer at the expense of the younger generations that cannot make ends meet due to the high rents and expensive real estate?" Archbishop Scicluna asked.

Country needs an organised and renewed Opposition, says Delia

The Nationalist leader said that only when the Opposition is renewed it could offer solutions to the various challenges faced by the country at present. He added that members of the the PN's General Council have been meeting and discussing the proposed statute amendments.