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“It will be difficult to go back to surplus” – Economist

“If by March the Covid situation is brought under control, I think that the public finances may start to recuperate, over a period two to three years to decrease the deficit to 2-3%. It will be difficult for us to go back into a surplus.”

Vulnerable persons ignored by the government in the Budget!

On 29 March 2020, Legal Notice 111 of 2020, ordered that “vulnerable persons”, including “persons of sixty-five (65) years of age or over” “are to remain segregated in their residence”.

The Budget: No limit to wining and dining

I love the budget and the numbers get my juices going. This year, being cooped up in quarantine, I felt the need delve into areas which one normally leaves to the Audit office.

Catering association proposes lowering of minimum distance between restaurant tables

The Association of Catering Establishments met with Prime Minister Robert Abela ahead of this month's budget. During the meeting, the association called on the government to consider lowering utilities rates as well as proposed a number of measures aimed at attracting more clients.

EU leaders agree on Trillion Euro emergency fund

The European Commission will put forward a draft proposal for a new long-term budget by May 6th.

Sicilian competition features in pre-budget discussions

Competition faced by Maltese companies was the main card on the table in pre-budget discussions held between Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and the...

PN has not learnt anything from its losses – Muscat

Prime Minister and leader of Partit Laburista (PL) Joseph Muscat said that if the Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) has not learnt the lesson following ten...

PD calls for 25% of the EU budget to go towards...

Partit Demokratiku is calling on Malta to join the eight EU member states that calling on the EU to devote 25% of the next...