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BA to meet IĠM to ‘clarify’ decision to censor journalists’ questions...

The Broadcasting Authority will be meeting with the Institute of Maltese Journalists (IĠM) to discuss its controversial decision not to allow the airing of journalists’ questions during press conferences aired on state media.

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Did PBS axe Xarabank as a result of political pressure or was it a decision taken to come up with a more interesting and entertaining schedule?

BA turns down Grech’s request for meeting as he doesn’t officially...

The Broadcasting Authority has turned down a request by Partit Nazzjonalista leadership hopeful Bernard Grech for a meeting over a recent decision by the said authority, citing not officially holding an office as a reason for its refusal.

IĠM slams BA for insisting on censoring journalists’ questions

In a statement on Thursday, the institute noted that the Broadcasting Authority persisted on blaming journalists for their questions, instead of rectifying the error of judgement it made in forcing the PBS into the position of a state broadcaster, effectively providing censored material to its audience.

BA stands by decision to censor press questions on state TV

The Broadcasting Authority has stood firm by its controversial decision to block TVM from airing the questions of journalists during live press conferences, insisting that this decision was final.

“Broadcasting Authority is censoring journalists” – IĠM

The Broadcasting Authority (BA) has engaged in state sponsored censorship with regard to forcing the public service broadcaster (PBS) to censor journalists’ questions.

F Living fined for Lowell’s hate speech

The television station ‘F Living’ was fined €1,160 for hate speech by the Leader of Imperium Ewropa Norman Lowell, during the television programme ‘Attwali’...

Cassola asks for equal broadcasting opportunities for candidates

Prof. Arnold Cassola wants candidates from small political parties or independent candidates to have the opportunity to debate with candidates from the larger parties.This...

‘Buying of radio slots by MEP candidates, unconstitutional’ – PD

Partit Demokratiku observed that the buying of radio slots by MEP candidates will favour the two major political parties in Malta. Partit Demokratiku reacted...