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Balluta Bay objectors will pursue further legal action to stop the...

Objectors to a new hop-on-hop-off ferry service at Balluta Bay have promised to pursue with legal action to stop the project. The group which is being led by Moviment Graffitti, is composed of 87 individuals, St Julian's Local Council and NGOs.

Private jetty service will not enter swimming zones in Balluta Bay

The service, which will operate between Sliema Ferries, St Julian’s, Bugibba and Comino, will initially pick up passengers from St Julian’s up to eight times a day.

“Shameful ERA attack on residents and their natural rights” – Cassola

Political activist Arnold Cassola has slammed the Environment and Resource Authority for having “the cheek not only to say that they are comfortable with the nature permit in Balluta Bay, but also to accuse objectors of using the permit to attack the Zammit Tabona jetty plans”.

Moviment Graffitti file an application over Balluta Bay in a bid...

"This eating up of our public spaces is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. Ferry transport should not be allowed in bathing areas in close proximity of swimmers, and the public should not be relegated to bathing in little swimming pens," Moviment Graffitti said.

Decision for private jetty at Balluta set for next week

San Giljan ASC has aligned with the developers who are proposing a jetty in Balluta Bay. The Waterpolo club condemned the stand taken by NGOs and St Julian’s Local Council against the application for a temporary and removable jetty adjacent to the Waterpolo pitch in Balluta Bay. The project involves the building of a private jetty that will serve as a hop-on-hop-off tourist service run by the Fortina Hotel owners.

Private Jetty at Balluta? – NGOs and local council say NO

11 NGOs and the St. Julian’s Local Council are calling on the general public to attend the Planning Authority sitting on the 3rd of February to show their concerns on the application for a private jetty in Balluta Bay. The sitting will be held at 9.30 am.

Updated (1): Woman found dead in Balluta Bay

A woman was found dead in the sea close to the shore in Balluta Bay, St Julian's.The...

‘Balluta Bay is under threat,’ councils and NGOs warn

Balluta Bay is under threat, local councils and NGOs warned in a press conference on Saturday morning.A...

Where is the sand at Balluta Bay?

 Signs of a beach are now scarce at Balluta Bay.This comes only seven months after a project to expand the beach at the bay.  In...

Balluta Bay closes temporarily

Balluta bay has been temporarily closed following a lack of sand due to bad weather, according to the Government.In a joint press release, the...