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Man killed in shark attack in Western Australia

The attack occurred approximately 1.5km north of Cable Beach Surf Club, where shark attacks are rare.

Australian media under trial over Cardinal Pell’s case reporting

Pell's conviction was overturned earlier this year.

Australia expects first batch of vaccine in January

Australia has recorded more than 26,000 coronavirus cases and 769 deaths, most in the past two months after an outbreak in Victoria.

Curfew in Melbourne as Victoria declares ‘state of disaster’

Australia’s second-most populous state Victoria has declared a state of disaster and subjected residents of its capital – Melbourne – to a night-time curfew a resurgence in Covid-19 cases.

Australia to lock down 300,000 in Melbourne suburbs after coronavirus spike

Authorities will lock down around 300,000 people in suburbs north of Melbourne for a month from late on Wednesday to contain the risk of infection after two weeks of double-digit rises in new coronavirus cases in Australia's second most populous state.

Australia’s Victoria state mandates coronavirus testing for travellers

Australia's Victoria state will implement mandatory coronavirus tests for returning travellers after a sharp spike in infections over the past two weeks, the state's premier said on Sunday.

Thousands attend Black Lives Matter protests across Australia

The rallies, dominated by a heavy police presence, were mostly peaceful. Protesters marched on the streets or gathered at public parks carrying posters that said "No Justice, No Peace" and "Sorry For The Inconvenience, We Are Trying To Change The World."

World’s largest green turtle colony nearly twice as big as thought

Australian scientists determined that there were about 64,000 green turtles waiting to lay eggs on Raine Island - a vegetated coral cay on the outer edges of the Great Barrier Reef - significantly more than thought.

Should Google and Facebook pay for content?

A report published in the Financial Times said that Australia is planning to make Google and Facebook pay for content.

Ex-Vatican treasurer Pell leaves Australian jail after sex offences acquittal

The seven judges of the High Court agreed unanimously that the jury in the cardinal's trial "ought to have entertained a doubt" as to his guilt.