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Court condemns arbitrary detention of asylum seekers as ‘abusive and farcical’

"Malta refuses much-needed support from the European Union to create more space for refugees, and then locks up people because of this very lack of space. Abusive and farcical indeed," director and lawyer Neil Falzon noted after the court ruled on the case.

More migrants relocated to Germany

Another group of migrants have flown to Germany where they will have their asylum request processed. The relocation was brokered by the European Commission following Malta’s appeals for assistance.

Asylum seekers sue government over Easter pushback to Libya

A group of 52 asylum seekers who had been pushed back to Libya by the Maltese authorities on the fishing vessel Dar al Salaam have filed a court application demanding to be allowed their asylum applications on Wednesday. The group is also seeking damages.

Do not let humanity drown – Kopin

In a statement issued on the seventh anniversary of the Lampedusa tragedy, humanitarian NGO Kopin has appealed to Malta and Europe not to let humanity drown, but to show solidarity and compassion towards those seeking protection and a better life in Europe.

UNHCR, IOM insist on common EU approach to migration and asylum

On the eve of the launch of the European Commission’s new Pact on Migration and Asylum, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the International Organisation for Migration are appealing to the EU to ensure a truly joint and principled approach that addressed all aspects of migration and asylum governance.

Italy rescues 28 asylum seekers after Malta ignored distress call –...

The group was rescued once it was about 18 nautical miles off the coast of Lampedusa.

28 adrift in Maltese search-and-rescue zone – Alarm Phone

A group of 28 people are in distress at sea in Malta’s search-and-rescue zone, NGO Alarm Phone reported on Sunday afternoon.

Amnesty International accuses Malta of illegal tactics against refugees

In its latest report titled Waves of impunity: Malta’s human rights violations Europe’s responsibilities in the Central Mediterranean, Amnesty International shows how the government tactics are exposing countless people to "appalling suffering and risking their lives".

Three stuck on tanker for more than a month jump overboard

Three of the 27 asylum seekers who have been stuck on the Maersk Etienne for a month due to Malta’s refusal to allow disembarkation have jumped overboard as the situation on board the tanker continues to escalate.

2 sentenced to prison after trying to flee Malta on stolen...

Two men were sentenced to an effective jail term after they admitted to stealing a 12-foot boat and trying to flee Malta.