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Animal circuses stopped, but illegal zoos allowed to thrive – Galea

Nationalist MP Mario Galea insisted that more action was needed to combat the spread of illegal zoos, acknowledging that the issue has long been left unaddressed.

Watch: Timely action saves puppy from abuse

The puppy was confiscated and is now being vet-checked.

Badly injured dog finds new forever home

Do you remember the abandoned dog found roaming the streets in June, with what looked like burns or wounds all over his body?

Man fined €1,200 over animal cruelty

The case happened on 17 May 2018

Street horse races: ‘Outdated, cruel and unnecessary’ – ALM

Animal Liberation Malta has severely criticised street horse races, describing them as an event that promotes animal cruelty.In a statement on Facebook, the animal rights...

23 dogs impounded by Animal Welfare from Ħamrun residence

Twenty three dogs were rounded up and impounded in Ħamrun by Animal Welfare officials on Friday morning. Reports were filed about the bad conditions...

Animal welfare activists urge end to SeaWorld dolphin shows

Years after the documentary film "Blackfish" galvanized a movement to end SeaWorld's killer whale performances, animal rights activists on Wednesday called for an end...

‘Only humane methods of pest control should be allowed’ – PD

Partit Demokratiku said that no effort should be spared to avoid unnecessary pain and distress, explaining that 'only humane methods of pest control should...