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Watch: “Victory is won over satanism when and how God wants”...

"Anyone who does us harm is very unlucky" - satanist

Watch: “I want to see the Church closer to people” –...

Pope Francis will elevate 13 clerics to the College of Cardinals, the group of red-robed churchmen whose primary task is to elect a new pope. It’s the seventh time Francis has named a new batch of cardinals since his election in 2013.

Satanism: reality or fiction?

Prof. Andrew Azzopardi will discuss this subject during his programme on 103 Malta’s Heart on Saturday at 11:00am.

It’s a dog’s life…or is it?

During this programme Andrew Azzopardi on 103 will be discussing animal welfare and the challenges facing animals, especially exotic ones.

Watch: Don’t view transgender people as victims – Angela Coleiro

Presenter, actress and political candidate Angela Coleiro is, regrettably, no stranger to transphobic abuse, including just this week after delivering a speech at a political activity. But this in no way meant that she and other transgender people are to be viewed as a victim.

Anglea Coleiro, a trans person shares her life experiences

On 103 Malta’s Heart this Saturday at 11:00am Prof. Andrew Azzopardi discusses with Angela how her life story has panned out.

Is immigration an evil or a blessing?

Prof. Andrew Azzopardi discusses all this and more on Saturday at 10:00am during the programme Andrew Azzopardi on 103.

Home Affairs Ministry censors CCF director 103fm interview

Corradino Corrective Facility director Alex Dalli was not given the greenlight to participate in a radio program aired on 103 Malta's Heart on Saturday morning.

Watch: Does Bedingfield agree to euthanasia and abortion?

The government MP was interviewed on Andrew Azzopardi on 103 on Saturday.

Watch: Is Bjorn always about to die before each fundraiser?

With formidable courage, Bjorn Formosa turned his terminal condition of ALS into a means to help fellow sufferers.