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“Public spaces should be given special protection” – Prof. Azzopardi

Professor Andrew Azzopardi, Dean of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, appeals for public spaces to be given special protection.

Watch: Dementia patients ignored because they cannot speak out – Prof....

Since their condition leaves them unable to campaign on their own behalf, the plight of dementia patients is often ignored, and less attention is paid to them than to people with other health conditions, according to Prof. Charles Scerri.

Watch: A shadow cabinet to include everyone, Grech says

Grech will ensure that his predecessor Adrian Delia will form part of the shadow cabinet which he will appoint in the coming weeks.

Watch: “Laws alone not sufficient; a need for people with integrity”

“Governance is not as simple as your ABC, but something that evolves every day”

Andrew Azzopardi on taking the plunge to 103

"I do not find change easy and this is a very big thing for me. But I am very excited and rearing to go".

103: breaking news and analysis

As September rolls on, 103 will be one of the first radio stations to raise its curtain of sound on a new schedule.

Major organisations slam proposals for legalising ‘recreational’ cannabis

The main organisations which work in the field of drug rehabilitation as well as major media presenters and academics have slammed the proposals to...