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MAY: Hiblu 3 charges should be dropped

Maltese Association of Youth Workers (MAY) in a statement urged the local authorities to drop all charges against three young African youths aged 15, 16 and 19 accused of hijacking.

El Hiblu 1: Malta part of world’s biggest human rights campaign

Amnesty International is calling on the Attorney General to drop the charges against the El Hiblu 1 youths.

Amnesty International accuses Malta of illegal tactics against refugees

In its latest report titled Waves of impunity: Malta’s human rights violations Europe’s responsibilities in the Central Mediterranean, Amnesty International shows how the government tactics are exposing countless people to "appalling suffering and risking their lives".

Rights groups attack Greece on asylum plan, PM says burden is...

Human rights groups urged Greece on Tuesday to scrap plans they say will restrict access to protection for asylum seekers as the...

Photos: Spanish warship with migrants arrives in Spain after Italy row

A group of 15 rescued migrants arrived in Spain on board a Spanish warship on Friday after Italy refused to allow the rescue vessel...