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Malta Chamber disappointed with deal given to sacked Air Malta pilots

69 pilots sacked by Air Malta in summer have been offered a public sector job at the equivalent take-home pay of 2018.

Air Malta persistently negotiated in bad faith, says ALPA

ALPA said that Air Malta has persistently negotiated in bad faith and has taken advantage nof the current circumstances in an attempt at forcing the Association’s hand to renounce to core rights deriving from its members’ freedom of association.

Laid off pilots being offered self-employment contracts – ALPA

Pilots union ALPA said that pilots who were laid off by Air Malta are now being offered six-month self-employment contracts with Malta Med Air.

“Air Malta is negotiating in bad faith; industrial action to commence”...

The Airline Pilots Association’s (ALPA) members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking industrial action, including possible withdrawal of service.

ALPA calls on govt to fulfil its contractual obligations

The association for the pilots of the Maltese National Airline has also also called upon the government to honor the contractual obligations existing in terms of a number of agreements entered into between ALPA and the former Ministers for Tourism, Konrad Mizzi and Edward Zammit Lewis, acting as representatives of the Government of Malta.

“Air Malta proposals withdrawn last minute despite planned EGM” – ALPA

The Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to discuss the proposals put forward by Air Malta on 24th June, but which were then withdrawn 'without providing reasonable justification'.

ALPA to hold AirMalta’s management to account for the “false and...

The Executive Committee reiterated that, over the past months, the members of the Association have witnessed and have been subjected to systematic attacks on their freedom of association by both Air Malta and by its majority shareholder, the Government of Malta.

Updated: Air Malta’s allegations a cover up for its incompetence –...

Updated with ALPA's statement'The allegations were solely intended as a cover up for the incompetence of the select few,' the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA)...

Claims of crew delaying flight to buy flowers is a “smoke...

Air Malta says it is "saddened" by the behaviour of some pilots.

Air Malta justifies legal action as ‘continuation of injunction proceedings’

The National Airline Air Malta, has justified its reasons for seeking recompense from the airline union ALPA, saying this is a normal procedure continuing...