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MPs back Civil Code amendments allowing for gender-neutral birth certificates

Amendments to the Civil Code that would allow couples not to assign a gender to their child on birth and widen the array of surnames that may be chosen on marriage have been approved by Parliament in its second reading.

Carmelo Abela should resign over Caruana Galizia recall – Azzopardi

In a normal country, former Foreign Minister Carmelo Abela would have resigned after ordering that Andrew Caruana Galizia should be recalled from Malta’s High Commission in India with no apparent justification, Nationalist Party MP Jason Azzopardi insisted.

Land Registry jumped the gun on Nadur land dispute – Alex...

The Land Registrar acted prematurely when it accepted the registration on behalf of the beneficiaries of a 17th century foundation of two sizeable tracts of land at the centre of Nadur in which dozens of houses lie, Parliamentary Secretary for Communities Alex Muscat said on Tuesday.

Dozens ‘buy’ Maltese citizenship without providing birth certificate, MP claims

Dozens of individuals have been granted Maltese citizenship under the controversial Individual Investor Programme even though they failed to provide their own birth certificate, Opposition MP Karol Aquilina said in Parliament.

Wheelchairs, motor mattresses donated through IIP funds

The government has tapped into funds raised through the controversial Individual Investor Programme – which is to be scrapped in September in favour of a residency scheme – to purchase 64 wheelchairs and 7 motor mattresses for residents at St Vincent de Paul and those residences which fall under the responsibility of Aġenzija Sapport.

Malta scrapping cash-for-passports scheme in favour of residency programme

Malta’s controversial Individual Investor Programme will be scrapped in September, to be replaced by a programme which will require applicants to live in Malta for at least a year before being allowed to apply for citizenship.

Live on 103: Is the PN or the PL betraying the...

Parliamentary secretary Alex Muscat and PN MP Karol Aquilina debate the subject during Newsbook Hour on the radio station 103 Malta's Heart on Saturday between 9am and 9:30am.

Watch: IIP funds to contribute towards the buying of laptops and...

Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici and Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities Alex Muscat give a press conference about aid to vulnerable students and families in connection with online education.

Alex Muscat walks back on claim PN MP sent brother ‘to...

Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat withdrew his claim that Nationalist Party MP Karol Aquilina sent his brother to threaten him and fellow Labour MPs during anti-government protests late last year after Speaker Anġlu Farrugia asked him to do so.

Speaker asked to censure Alex Muscat over claims MP’s brother threatened...

Nationalist MP Karol Aquilina has asked Speaker Anġlu Farrugia to censure Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat after the latter claimed that last December, the brother had sent his activist brother to threaten him and other Labour MPs.