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Cutajar suspected to have profited off visa sales

The police suspect that former consul to Shanghai Aldo Cutajar and his wife Isabel have been illegally making money off Chinese visa sales, a Court was told.

Aldo Cutajar was never dismissed from civil service – government

The government defended its own actions – as well as those of civil service head Mario Cutajar – concerning Cutajar’s brother Aldo, Malta’s former consul in Shanghai who was accused of money laundering charges after €500,000 in cash were found in his home.

Government official charged with money laundering after €500K found at home

Aldo Cutajar, 55, who is brother to the Head of Civil Service, Mario Cutajar, was arraigned along with his wife after the police found some €500,000 in cash during a raid on his home in Naxxar on Saturday.