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AFM rescues group of 71 in Maltese SAR zone

A group of 71 asylum seekers which had been drifting in the Maltese search and rescue zone for hours was rescued by the Armed Forces of Malta on Sunday afternoon.

Watch: 94 brought to Malta after lengthy ordeal at sea

A lengthy ordeal for a group of 94 asylum seekers who left Libya in a bid to reach Europe has finally come to an end after the Armed Forces of Malta rescued them and brought them to Malta.

95 risk drowning in Maltese waters – Alarm Phone

A group of 95 people are at serious risk of drowning in the Maltese search-and-rescue zone, with some reportedly jumping into the sea as their boat filled up with water, NGO Alarm Phone is reporting.

NGOs flag two boats in distress in Maltese SAR zone

Humanitarian NGOs Alarm Phone and Sea Watch International have flagged the presence of two boats in distress within the Malta search-and-rescue zone, appealing to the Maltese and Italian authorities to come to their rescue.

63 rescued and brought to Malta

Humanitarian NGOs have been calling the Maltese authorities to do their duty and rescue a group of 65 would-be asylum seekers who are adrift in Malta’s search-and-rescue zone.

Alarm Phone: Malta leaves phone ringing as 23 asylum seekers await...

Malta and Italy alike are washing their hands off a group of 23 asylum seekers in distress who are presently close to Lampedusa, according to NGO Alarm Phone.

Watch: “We need help…no more food, no more water”

The Captain is seeking help from the Maltese as they are in a desperate situation since their supplies are running out.

International journalist brushes off Gafà’s ‘threats’

A veritable storm has been kicked up on the social media as former OPM functionary Neville Gafà appeared to raise threats against veteran international journalist Nello Scavo.

200 people in distress rescued; Italy informed – Alarm Phone

The independent support for people crossing the Mediterranean Sea Alarm Phone said that 200 people in distress were rescued and that the Italian authorities...

45 migrants stranded in Maltese waters; aid requested – Alarm Phone

A boat carrying 45 persons stranded in Malta’s SAR Zone is requesting aid from the Maltese authorities. This was stated by the...