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110 asylum-seekers in Maltese SAR disembark in Lampedusa

Alarm Phone condemned Malta’s lack of intervention, “putting their lives in danger for several hours.”

110 migrants at risk of drowning in Maltese SAR – Alarm...

On Twitter Alarm Phone said that it is in contact with 3 boats which are currently in distress.

28 adrift in Maltese search-and-rescue zone – Alarm Phone

A group of 28 people are in distress at sea in Malta’s search-and-rescue zone, NGO Alarm Phone reported on Sunday afternoon.

Alarm Phone condemns ‘the cruel denial of responsibility by Maltese govt’

On Sunday three of the 27 asylum seekers who have been stuck on the Maersk Etienne for a month have jumped overboard as the situation on board the tanker continues to escalate.

50 awaiting rescue in Maltese SAR

A group of 50 asylum seekers have found themselves in distress in Malta’s search-and-rescue area, but a nearby Armed Forces of Malta vessel has reportedly turned away from their rubber boat.

150 persons in distress in Malta’s SAR – Alarm Phone

Alarm Phone said that Malta’s Armed Forces were responsible and had the duty to rescue those on board the boat and take them to Europe.

More than 230 asylum seekers in distress in Central Mediterranean –...

More than 230 asylum seekers are on board unseaworthy boats adrift the Central Mediterranean route, migrant NGO Alarm Phone warned as it called on Maltese and Italian authorities to intervene.

Rescued asylum seekers stuck on tanker as Malta denies entry –...

A group of 27 people who were rescued by a tanker in Malta’s search-and-rescue area four days ago are still stuck on the cargo vessel as Malta is refusing to allow them to disembark.

Cargo vessel saves 27 and heads for Malta – Alarm Phone

NGO Alarm Phone said that a cargo vessel saved 27 people in distress in the Mediterranean and is heading for Malta.

AFM rescues group of 71 in Maltese SAR zone

A group of 71 asylum seekers which had been drifting in the Maltese search and rescue zone for hours was rescued by the Armed Forces of Malta on Sunday afternoon.