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“If I go down, I’ll bring everyone else down with me”...

Dr Adrian Vella recalls murder suspect Yorgen Fenech saying that if he was going down, then everyone else would upon reading the letters from Keith Schembri.

Service provider has Schembri’s phone data – Report

The Malta Independent on Sunday reported that the a local service provider had a year worth of data detailing Schembri's movements, phonebook contents, incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and GPS usage

Fenech dropped escape plan, fearing for his life

Our sources said that Fenech was not afraid of rough seas but that “something” could happen to him in the process

In the sauce: go-between doctor investigated by Medical Council

Newsbook.com.mt is informed that the Medical Council will be asking the Commissioner of Police for information on Dr Adrian Vella, the GP and go-between for Yorgen Fenech and former OPM Chief of Staff Keith Schembri while the former was undergoing police questioning. Vella had admitted to being the go-between.

Family doctor admits to being secret go-between

The Fenech family doctor, Dr Adrian Vella