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Watch: “What is PM waiting for to declare the VGH agreement...

The PN and Opposition leader Adrian Delia interviewed on the Party's media. Net News journalist Francesco Catania will interview the PN leader.

Watch: “The PM is not acting of his own volition” –...

Leader of the Nationalist Party (PN) Adrian Delia stated that Prime Minister (PM) Robert Abela is being forced to make decisions.

Watch: Adrian Delia again denies receiving money from Yorgen Fenech

Nationalist Party and Opposition leader Adrian Delia will be interviewed on the party's media by Malta Today's journalist Kurt Sansone.

PN approves revised statute

Partit Nazzjonalista Leader Adrian Delia thanked Dr Louis Galea for his work during the past year. Galea was tasked with spearheading the party's reform.

Labour’s delay in removing Mizzi cost Malta millions – Delia

The Labour Party’s failure to act against Konrad Mizzi in a timely manner has cost Malta millions through the various tainted deals he was involved in, according to Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia.

Government MPs must ‘choose between Malta and criminals’ – Delia

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia insisted that government MPs had to decide whether to keep supporting a government that protected criminals or act in the national interest in a parliamentary speech on Monday afternoon.

Delia’s request for urgent debate on Cutajar turned down

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia’s request for Parliament to suspend its agenda for a discussion on the fallout following a Court order to launch a police investigation into former police chief Lawrence Cutajar was rejected by Speaker Anġlu Farrugia on Tuesday afternoon.

PN to hold urgent parliamentary group meeting

The meeting which was convened by Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia, will be held at 1pm.

Parliament turns down request to dedicate hall to Daphne Caruana Galizia

A press room in the European Parliament building in Strasbourg now bears Daphne Caruana Galizia’s name, but a similar honour in Valletta’s Parliament House has been refused by Speaker Anġlu Farrugia.