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Watch: “Delia should use the same ethic” – PM

The Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the Opposition Leader Adrian Delia should adopt the same ethic used by the Government with himself and his deputies.

Delia calls on PM Abela to sack Minister Caruana

Delia asked Prime Minister Abela whether he was aware that Valletta travelled with Fenech. "If you did know, do you think it is acceptable for Dr Caruana to still be minister?" Delia asked. He urged the newly appointed Prime Minister to take action if he was not aware of Fenech and Valletta's trip.

Abela’s campaign focused on ‘continuity’ but he’s changing everything – Delia

The resignation of the Police Commissioner was overdue by two years, Delia highlighted. He added that had Lawrence Cutajar resigned earlier, a lot of issues which arose over the past months could have been avoided. 'Cutajar obstructed justice to protect criminals,' Delia claimed.

Rule of law at top of agenda – Abela; Gov’t must...

PM Robert Abela said that the rule of law is at the top of his government’s agenda. Opposition leader Adrian Delia said that the government must lead by example when it comes to good governance.

Delia asks Abela to explain Schembri’s presence on Signal

PN leader Adrian Delia has asked Malta’s newly elected PM Robert Abela to explain why Muscat’s ex-Chief of Staff Keith Schembri’s mobile appeared active on the app Signal. Schembri told investigators he allegedly lost his phone.

‘I’m sure nothing will change,’ – Delia

Nothing will change with the election of the new Partit Laburista leader, Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said on Saturday.

“The cancer factory was reborn“ – Delia

PN leader Adrian Delia said that the “cancer factory” was reborn, referring to the use of the old Marsa power station after the Labour Government started making use of it again. Partit Laburista had campaigned relentlessly against the power-station branding it as a “cancer factory”.

Delia asks Hyzler to investigate Dubai trip; “Willing to collaborate” –...

Delia demands information related to the Prime Minister's trip to Dubai which cost around €20,000

Adrian Delia instructs lawyers to take action against Karl Cini if...

Speaking at the party club in Tarxien on Sunday morning, Adrian Delia referred to Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Ministerial hopeful Chris Fearne saying that if elected he wants Adrian Delia to be investigated.

Nothing will change in PL – Delia

This was said during an interview broadcasted live on PN’s radio channel