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Does the Equality Bill threaten Church schools?

The two drafts of the Equality Bill being discussed in Parliament are turning out to be very controversial.

‘Women should decide on abortion’ – Muscat

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat interviewed on the TVM programme L-Erbgħa fost il-Ġimgħa.

Watch: Grech ready to resign if abortion is put on Parliamentary...

In August, when meeting Newsbook.com.mt as part of a round of newsrooms Bernard Grech is carrying out, he stated that he is against abortion and euthanasia.

Deo Debattista calls for establishment of pro-life clinics

Parliamentary Secretary Deo Debattista called for the government to set up “pro-life clinics” to provide assistance and support to pregnant women who may be thinking of terminating their pregnancy overseas.

Abortion should remain our decision – Peter Agius

In a recently approved document approved by the European Parliament, two pro-abortion groups used the opportunity presented by COVID-19 to slide in a reference to abortion.

Anti-abortion speech: “The President is merely upholding the law”

Chief Justice Emeritus Vincent De Gaetano told Newsbook.com.mt that President George Vella was merely upholding the law when he recently made a pro-life speech in which he took a public stand against the legalisation of abortion.

President to address a pro-life manifestation

The pro-life manifestation will be organised by the Malta Unborn Child Platform – MUCP.

Watch: Positive that Abela values human life – Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that it’s positive that Malta’s PM Robert Abela regards every life as indispensable.

PM to oppose Muscat if he intends working to introduce abortion

When asked about the reference to Catholic religion in the consitution and whether this should be changed, Abela said there are a number of issues which require attention and changes in the constitution, however religion is not one of those.

Will Muscat be working to introduce abortion?

In his last speech as a leader of the Labour Party, Dr Joseph Muscat spoke in a way that several observers interpreted as a veiled commitment that in the future months he would be advocating for the introduction of abortion.