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Unacceptable that Muscat is close to those accused of assassination –...

The Nationalist Party expressed that it is unacceptable that the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is so close to people accused of assassination.

Hyzler asked to investigate Muscat over alleged €20,000 gift

The investigation was requested by Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo.

‘Schembri refused to give his passwords to the Police’; Bail request...

Arnaud told the court that Schembri refused to give the password to his cloud and email citing "sensitive information related to his work."

Reports reveal further ties between Fenech, Schembri and Muscat

Fenech foots Schembri's €24,000 Mayo clinic bill.

LIVE: ‘Schembri’s phone was not found’ – Arnaud

Schembri said he lost his phone

Corruption kills more people than wars – Matthew Caruana Galizia

Caruana Galizia was in Madrid for an event during which Reporters Without Borders presented their annual worldwide round up of deadly violence and abusive treatment of journalists.

No sign of investigation into who owns Egrant

the Police did not mention anything about any investigations related to uncovering the owner of Egrant. The inquiry requested by the Prime Minister was solely aimed at examining if the company belongs to the Muscat family. It did not request the identification of its owner.

Watch: ‘I didn’t help Fenech to try to escape’ – Schembri

Disgraced OPM Chief of Staff Keith Schembri to testify on Wednesday morning.

LIVE Blog: Keith Schembri to testify tomorrow

Police Inspector Keith Arnaud and self-confessed middleman Melvin Theuma are expected to testify on Tuesday morning

Busuttil takes Bartolo to task about Cachia Caruana

'Any other power, secret and hidden, can only cause harm,' Evarist Bartolo said.