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Listen: Irresponsible attitude will undermine all businesses’ efforts – Philip Fenech

Philip Fenech said that this carefree attitude, which is unacceptable, needs to be given certain priority as this will break down all the efforts being done by the business community as part of a national effort to curb the coronavirus situation.

Fenech files court application over Jason Azzopardi’s interview

The interview with Jason Azzopardi was conducted by Prof. Andrew Azzopardi who asked if they are of the opinion that Yorgen Fenech is guilty with Azzopardi replying “Yes, Yes.”

Watch: Newborn baby had tested positive to coronavirus

Dr Melillo was participating in a discussion on Newsbook.com.mt on Saturday afternoon.

Watch: ‘Academics must convey messages which society needs to debate on’...

Professor Ġorġ Mallia, who is the head of department at the Media and Communications Department within University of Malta, said that he conveys his opinion, based on recent different recent studies, through his art and has always managed to do so

Watch: “Prisoners at high risk of suicide should not be left...

'At least 3 indicators that prisoner was in high-risk'

Bishop Teuma will be the celebrant of 103 Mass

He will be celebrating Mass at the Family Institute Pope John Paul II in Rabat, Gozo

We need to reach out to those who are alone –...

Bishop Galea-Curmi urged the public to reach out to others especially those who are suffering from loneliness and the elderly. He remarked that one can use social media to keep in touch with one's loved ones.

Listen: COVID-19 cases trend expected to increase – Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne said that authorities envisage the the coronavirus cases trend in Malta and Gozo, to increase in the coming days as this is what happens in a pandemic.

Where is God in all this? – Bishop Grech answers

Bishop Mario Grech answers personal, existential and religious questions by Fr Joe Borg about the coronavirus pandemic during an interview on Newsbook Hour aired on 103 Malta's Heart.

Listen: “Government measures not sufficient to help media companies”

Speaking on behalf of 60 companies working in the sector of media and communications, Mifsud said that companies in the sector should be considered among those sections which have been hardest hit by the outbreak and given the highest level of assistance.