T4B Services Ltd to support The Malta Chamber through new Bronze Collaboration Alliance

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and T4B Services Ltd have signed a Bronze Collaboration Agreement through the setting up of a new Energy Efficiency and Conservation Committee.

Speaking ahead of the signing, President of The Malta Chamber Perit David Xuereb noted how this was the latest in a series of agreements the business organisation entered into, in order to strengthen its policy-making capacity.

“Our strategy is to remain focused on the mission of The Malta Chamber to be the true and vibrant voice of business, as we maintain our strong and researched position to influence policy and decisions on the quality of our environment and the health of our economy and our businesses” Xuereb said.

“To this end, we want to continue teaming up with national business leaders which share similar principles in particular policy areas to provide the necessary resources for the Chamber to be more effective.  In this respect, T4B Services Ltd has been accepted to be considered a strong partner to join the Chamber’s distinguished line-up of supporting companies, and we look forward to a successful collaboration objectives” the President augured.

T4B Services Ltd Chief Executive Officer Patrick Spiteri Staines said that T4B Services were proud to support and collaborate with The Malta Chamber on such an important topic. “Energy Efficiency is the cornerstone of a sustainable economy. Efficient use of available energy resources means lower operating costs, long term sustainability and improvements in our environment, resulting in better quality of life. This drive is also being given importance by the EU and an number of measures both National and at EU level are being directed towards Energy Efficiency,” Spiteri Staines said.

T4B Services Ltd and The Malta Chamber shall collaborate through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Committee which has been set up recently within the structures of The Malta Chamber.

The new committee will help develop the chamber’s policy in the area of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and related themes. In its advisory role to the council of The Malta Chamber, the committee shall keep tabs on the country’s progress in achieving economic competitiveness and sustainable development goals in terms of energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable energy resource solutions. 

The committee shall hence leverage membership feedback for the purposes of influencing national policy on measures to promote energy conservation, the reduction of dependency on fossil fuels and incentives to promote clean energy sources.  The committee will engage in studies on reducing externality costs arising from energy pollution and the country’s reliance on fossil fuels while suggesting tangible recommendations on the introduction of energy conservation and the promotion of clean energy initiatives. It will also support educational campaigns and communications to increase awareness of benefits of clean energy sources and energy conservation and also create economic and environmental synergies from combining various suppliers of related products and services in the field of energy to establish one unified voice with policy makers.

The agreement was signed by President Perit David Xuereb and Deputy President Marisa Xuereb on behalf of The Malta Chamber, and Patrick Spiteri Staines, Chief Executive Officer on behalf of T4B Services Ltd.

This content was supplied by The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry